Edge of a Cliff

have you ever stood on the edge of a cliff?

spread your arms like you were going to fly?

turned to look over your shoulder,

and kiss the world you knew goodbye?

i feel like im standing there now,

running into the crosswind of the world ahead,

instead i can only dream of this,

as i lay down in my night drenched bed,

God I feel you working thru me,

just as I had prayed all these nights before,

I asked you to take in your hands my life,

and choose for me to walk thru your doors,

is this you talking to me now Lord,

or me trying to shove my desires into my life,

i guess all those nights before me,

my prayers still fly high; string attached to the kite,

im asking you to reach down,

and give that kite a strong earnest tug,

that way as i fly my prayers above me,

at night i can sleep at peace and snug,

have you ever felt like you were on the edge of a cliff?

waiting for the wind to wish you away?

Yesterday i would have told you never,

but today my friend; this is a new day…