Old friends

if tomorrow the hospital picked up the phone,

and told me your car was in a wreck,

i would be there soon as the plane landed,

no matter how big the check,

i wouldnt want you to cry one tear,

from your saddened painful eyes,

without me there with you,

vigilant by your side,

sleep would mean nothing,

compared to the chance of seeing you awake,

mountain dew and coffee,

anything and everything it would take,

the friend i never wanted,

was the friend i always needed,

now i pray with you asleep,

with God i constantly pleaded,

Open up your eyes on that bed,

its all i could ask for that night,

to see you look at me one more time,

bring your smile to my sight,

Just as your eyes opened on that bed,

mine did too and i awoke,

only to realize it was a bad dream,

the devils horrid terrible joke,

i rolled over to the sun light,

and saw you laying there,

knew that life would be wonderful,

with you i could always careā€¦