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Sun Blade 1000

Model: Blade 1000+

Manufacturer: Sun Microsystems

CPU: 2xUltraSparcIII 750 MHz

RAM: 2 GiB

Hard Drive: 2x36GiB RAID1

OS: OpenSolaris Current Build

Nick’s Take: The machine has a few SunPC cards inside of it running Linux and Windows on-top of the Solaris build. Early virtualization :) I love the jet sound it makes when the machine turns on and its ability to heat a small warehouse while running. One of the last great Sparc stations IMO

Sun Blade 100

Model: Blade 100

Manufacturer: Sun

CPU: 500-MHz UltraSPARC IIe

RAM: 384 MiB

Hard Drive: 40 GiB

OS: Solaris 10

Nick’s Take: This machine is one of my favorite from the Sun line as it takes IDE hard drives and standard PC peripherals. The video frame-buffer is well supported and allows it to run Linux/BSD without too many problems.

Sun v120 Blade

Model: V120 Server

Manufacturer: Sun

CPU: 650 MHz UltraSPARC IIi

RAM: 512 MiB

Hard Drive: 20 GiB

OS: OpenBSD 4.3

Sun Netra

Model: Netra T1 105 Server

Manufacturer: Sun

CPU: 440 MHz UltraSPARC IIi

RAM: 384 MiB

Hard Drive: 10 GiB

OS: Solaris 9

Sparc 5

Model: SparcStation 5

Manufacturer: Sun

CPU: 110 MHz TurboSPARC

RAM: 256 MiB

Hard Drive: 4 GiB


Nick’s Take: This is the home of my NeXT software. I am still hunting down good NeXT hardware, but until then this has been the box I learned the low-level underpinnings of MacOSX before it was Mac. The pizzaboxes as they are known are great machines that are built like tanks.

Sun SparcStation 2

Model: SparcStation 2

Manufacturer: Sun

CPU: 40 MHz CY7C601

RAM: 64 MiB

Hard Drive: 540 MiB

OS: Solaris 2.5.1

Nick’s Take: I love playing with Sun hardware that predates Solaris. This is one of those machines. It has the ability to run the earliest builds of Sun code and for that it has a place in the stable.