Model: O(catne)2

Manufacturer: SGI

CPU: 180 MHz R5000

RAM: 320 MiB

Hard Drive: 4.1 GiB and 8.5 GiB SCSI2

OS: IRIX 6.5.11

Nick’s Take: After standing in line for hours to see Jurassic Park with my father I was so excited as a geek to see the scene with the girl hacking into the computers. The 3d Filesystem browser blew away everything I had seen up till this point in life. The O2 to me was the most beautiful system SGI built and really showcases the feel that movie and these machines gave me. I have the fully loaded system complete with the webcam for this box. It is an amazing piece of hardware. I boot Windows 95 on SoftWindows and play with the linear video editors for fun. The biggest thing SGI taught me was how important security is to include from the beginning. It is no wonder the girl in the movie could hack it so easily, SGI was a hot mess of computing security.

SGI Origin 350 Server

Model: Origin 350

Manufacturer: SGI

CPU: Quad 700 MHz MIPS R16000


Hard Drive: RAID5 1GiB

OS: IRIX 6.5.11

Nick’s Take: People find out I like old computers and offer them up. I took this one awhile back and haven’t had much time to play. The SO wasn’t going to allow me to take the whole rack, but I did snag a fully loaded node. It is amazing to think how much power this was when purchased for ungodly amounts. I hope to get another and setup a NUMALINK network :)