HP c3600

Model: c3600 Visualize Workstation

Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard

CPU: 552 MHz PA8500 Processor

RAM: 2 GiB

Hard Drive: 36 GiB RAID1 Ultra SCSI 320

OS: HP-UX 11i

Nick’s Take: For the record I hate HP-UX. It is unfathomable that it has not been taken out back and put out of its misery. With that said, a craftsman of his trade should know all the tools in the shed. Every so often I run across a HP-UX server and will be the sole person in the state that can work on the thing because I have this at the house. It also serves to remind me of how much I loathe crappy UNIX implementations (UNIX in the non-certified way) from most vendors. Here is what not to do with your computing platform…