Model: 66MHz Rev 6

Manufacturer: Be

CPU: Dual 66MHz PowerPC 603

RAM: 144 MiB

Hard Drive: 1 GiB

OS: BeOS 5.0.3

Misc: Serial PPC960401472

Nick’s Take: Have you ever used BeOS? Without sounding too much like a fanbois the machine and OS were absolutely amazing. The first time I used BeOS was when they released the first betas for x86. I watched as the machine didn’t skip a beat as it processed full motion video and allowed me to do real-time overlays. This same 486DX could barely play Quake 2 in Linux or Windows, but here it was doing things I’d only imagined. All this in an OS with a SQL based filesystem and full API based media subsystem. 1995…this was in 1995…

I installed a BeOS platform in St. Martin High School to do video editing when the school declined the purchase of an Apple video editing solution and to this day it is in use. Palm (now HP) purchased BeOS and has done nothing with it. This machine serves to remind me of how forward looking you can be when your mind is allowed to. Besides, the lights on the front reflect the Dual CPU processing load. HOW FRICKEN COOL IS THAT?!?!