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The start of something magical

Reading through Sonny’s post shot me back into a time of awesomeness. Be sure to read his post on what we can learn from our past. People always ask me why I collect old computers and he does a great job of outlining why. Just because the technology isn’t modern doesn’t mean the underlying principles

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Updated Stable

Since a lot of my fellow nerds have mentioned they are looking at the stables page, I updated the computers as well as providing some insight into why each machine is important to me. Still missing a ton of systems, but most are there. http://geekyschmidt.com/the-stable

NEXTSTEP 3.3 RISC SparcStation 5

I finally found a copy of NEXTSTEP 3.3 and got it installed on a SparcStation5. I am rocking retro 1993 style. Screenshot for street cred:

login: Looking Back on Debian 1.3

Back at the tender age of 12 I picked up a magazine at the Base Exchange. This magazine contained a CD. This CD contained Debian 1.3. All was well in the world… I remember reading with such excitement about this amazing new Linux (yes I pronouced it wrong, I was a geek living in Germany)

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