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Dual Time Machine Wielding Backups!

With the purchase of the Apple Thunderbolt Display my Air now has a jumbo-frame enabled ethernet port at its disposal. My current backup strategy is to utilize an encrypted external USB laptop drive while on the road and to just rsync the latest backup when I get home. This has been working great for a

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Time Machine for Solaris

It is great to see the Sun guys utilizing the technology underlying to move beyond “me too!” I am afraid that this maybe too little too late for Sun. I would love to see Sun go the route of SGI/IBM and opensource (GPL not CDDL) their cool beans technologies. One UNIX geek can only hope.

Apple Mail.app and TimeMachine

I love Leopard! Single best upgrade I have done this year for operating systems. Vista was obviously a waste of time and Gutsy was incremental over Feisty. One thing that I have been throwing my head against the wall with is Mail.app using IMAP Gmail. I screwed up my settings and have gone through deleting

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