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The news of OpenID’s Death is greatly exaggerated

<rant> I am not one to get on the blog and add to the argument over some stupid post from another tech pundit, but this one is too much to pass on. The reason I am tossing my hat in here is that I am now seeing SECURITY PROFESSIONALS adding to the crowd with the

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Placebos and Security

There was recently a study that found when people knew that they were taking a placebo, it still helped. The common idea in the past was that you could utilize placebos for controlled studies only if the patient didn’t know. The mere act of going to the doctor, taking a pill, etc. meant that the

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Ubuntu 10.04 on Sony Vaio P

With the latest poulsbo hack for 10.04: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupp…sPoulsbo#lucid It is now possible to upgrade to 10.04 Lucid with no issues. In fact the previous gobi WWAN, sleep, and qcserial hacks are no longer needed. On first boot everything worked other than the videocard. Go Linux!

Intel GMA500 Support Matrix

First a few things: Intel you suck…suck hard…your own Moblin distro can’t suspend because you feel that “embedded platforms shutdown and restart” Guess what sparky, they don’t always. Fix your damn IEGD driver Dell and Ubuntu screw you both for creating some custom driver to send out on Dell 12 laptops. The driver I install

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Move from Physical to Virtual with CloneZilla

Just a side note for when I forget how I fixed this… When using CloneZilla you can capture server images and redeploy them unless there are hardware differences. To fix issues with hardware changes between physical server hardware and VMware here are my fix actions: Windows 2003 Enterprise Change the hard drive to IDE from

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