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Time Machine for Solaris

It is great to see the Sun guys utilizing the technology underlying to move beyond “me too!” I am afraid that this maybe too little too late for Sun. I would love to see Sun go the route of SGI/IBM and opensource (GPL not CDDL) their cool beans technologies. One UNIX geek can only hope.

NEXTSTEP 3.3 RISC SparcStation 5

I finally found a copy of NEXTSTEP 3.3 and got it installed on a SparcStation5. I am rocking retro 1993 style. Screenshot for street cred:

OpenSolaris Shortcomings

I want to like OpenSolaris. I love compiling away on my Sun Machines at the house. The simple fact is though the “Open” is a misnomer of great proportions. What makes me excited about OpenSolaris is the lineage it stems from. For UNIX admins everywhere, it is truly one of the last of the old guard.

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Ian Murdock leaves Debian

The Sun folks are sounding the alarm that this is the end of Linux! I think what they fail to reailize is the state of Debian and his original project leads. I see his move as signal of Sun’s new commitment to the GPL3 than to him closing his ideals off from the Linux community.

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