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Verified Accounts or “Don’t let your friends steal your name”

I have a great friend (who may not agree with that “great” part after this) who refused to have a facebook page. I can’t disagree with the idea of being the part of the few left in America without one, but it has become somewhat of a joke with us. Friend: Why didn’t you tell

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Color App and the future of GPS Spoofing

Google News is full of articles on the pro’s and con’s of the new application, Color. Overall it is a pretty dumb application if you ask me, but it does show that the onslaught of “hyper local” social networks is coming soon. What started as a way to actually test the Color app showcased how

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The Family at Work

As we move into a fully connected world there is a bigger expectation that we allow intrusions into our personal lives. While it may be a blackberry or a pager, in today’s world the expectation is that there is no more 9-5. This social contract is acceptable as long as the contract extends both directions.

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