Tag: pain

Hope to be blind

From beneath the waves of my mind I looked above for a target. My eyes periscope above the waves of control and gazed the road ahead. Instead of staying beneath in the safety of my salvation I look above. I am too scared to surface but rather rest easy in the little taste I give

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Tainted Love

Oh tainted love cast thy stone, Into the pits of my soggy soul, Thy water is but a broken rippled glass, Thy rock falls into the blackness of a hole, The acute infinite hole in my life, Filled with the waterfalls of my face, This pond of emotion and feelings, Is only thy first bite

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Little Boy

I walked up to the door that night Knocked just once or twice Heard steps tapping on the wooden floor Smelt dinner simmering with herbs and spice So weird to be standing here My key doesn’t work here anymore Instead of walking inside to my wife I glare at the wooden door I can hear

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