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Leaving Abu Dhabi

Let me pretense this with we are not actually leaving Abu Dhabi, but rather we are leaving a slice of time for which we were there. Spec Ops Technology still has offices in Dubai (expanding in the Emirates too…) and will require us to be back at least twice a year, but the period for

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Best Man Toast

I want to look back on this with my Brother. Here it is for the world to mirror! —————————————————————————— You both are running around the city getting ready. Dan you are in my bathroom shaving off your peach fuzz and LuLu you are rolling your hair. What you both don’t realize is that it doesn’t

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What I need Recap 2

In a fight recently, I wrote down a list of needs. The boat had done sailed by time these were written down but I left them on my fridge (along with what Nick did bad mind you) to remind myself. Then again I said this 3 years ago too. Who knows but I wanted to post them

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