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Taking one for the team

My Father always taught me that there are things in life worth waiting for and working hard towards. For better or worse I took that lesson to heart and ingrained it upon my psyche as standard issue. In my whirlwind of my mind I have justified the sacrifices as the eventual beauty of what will

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The air I breathe

I have my chillout playlist on as I sit comfortably in the Sky Harbor Airport. Today I packed up all my things and put the mini cooper on the back of a truck. It is official, I am heading home. Home is such a groggy term for me lately and this situation only serves to

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Edge of a Cliff

have you ever stood on the edge of a cliff? spread your arms like you were going to fly? turned to look over your shoulder, and kiss the world you knew goodbye? i feel like im standing there now, running into the crosswind of the world ahead, instead i can only dream of this, as

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