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Debian Server vs. Ubuntu Server

Lately I have had a few requests for my thoughts on using Ubuntu Server. For me the real question at that point is why use Ubuntu server over Debian? ———- I have used Ubuntu server a good bit and while I appreciate the effort, I am not sure I agree with it. What I mean

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BitlBee and OTR … then add some TOR!

With the release of 3.0.1 of BitlBee you can now chat from your favorite IRC client with the peace of mind that your protected. Since the OTR portion is still very new I wanted to put together a quick howto. I am going to assume you are running Debian Lenny (sid has 3.0.1 in the

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Happy 17th Birthday Debian!

I love Debian (looks over lovingly @ the fileserver) and look forward to many more years of stable releases. Debian was my first distro when I ran 1.3 at the ripe old age of 12. I built a VM a few years ago just to see how far we’ve come: http://geekyschmidt.com/2008/03/29/login-looking-back-on-debian-13 A link to some interesting

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Lexmark Drivers for Ubuntu/Debian

Lexmark provides subpar Linux drivers for any distro, but Ubuntu/Debian is horrible. At work we moved from HP Printers to Lexmark. The situation reminds me of ATI hardware in the late-90’s, great hardware and crappy drivers. I converted the Red Hat RPM for Debian based systems. Attached below: To install sudo dpkg -i drivers-lexprtdrv_552-2_i386.deb

login: Looking Back on Debian 1.3

Back at the tender age of 12 I picked up a magazine at the Base Exchange. This magazine contained a CD. This CD contained Debian 1.3. All was well in the world… I remember reading with such excitement about this amazing new Linux (yes I pronouced it wrong, I was a geek living in Germany)

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