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TL; DR – I am starting a company.

TL; DR – I am starting a company. In December I wrote that I would be leaving Boeing and moving on to new things with a smaller and more lean company. The time since has been filled with growth and change as I learned how small businesses operate. With the increase in free time, I

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Tools of the Connected Geek Trade

As we move up the food chain of life, our free-time becomes more and more precious. There are only so many hours in the day and my generation utilizes them to the fullest. I have been blessed and fortunate to be placed early on in my career in leadership positions while often having to continue my technical work.

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The iPhone saga continues

AT&T Customer for 5 years or more — Check AT&T Stock Holder — Check Original iPhone Owner — Check AT&T Business Enterprise Customer — Check What does all that buy you? A big fat cup of nothing. While in DC for business I did the unthinkable and waited outside of an Apple Store to buy

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