Boyfriend is a bum

I cry these tears not for you,

but all that will surely come,

I know you will get hurt again;

your boyfriend is such a bum,

He decided to call me tonight,

and tell me you were his toy,

you are just like his possessions,

another trophy to a little boy,

I dare not call him a man,

for he opens his fist to you,

a man does not do these things,

a man to you is true,

I don’t want you back I know,

for forever he has messed up your mind,

I guess you didn’t want a man,

That treated you so kind,

Dinner in my kitchen,

with candles all around,

a walk on the pier tonight,

a happiness yet not found,

Instead you told me you needed,

a second chance to give to him,

that although I made you happy,

I was nothing more than a whim,

and when at 11:55 I sat on the field,

where I planned to dance under the stars,

you let him call me and tell me,

from you I was forever barred,

I wish I could say I will keep away,

for I know I am not that strong,

I have sat back with honor and integrity,

I have waited much to long,

When you walked the halls of our school,

holding his hand with a smile,

he was out that night with another;

you sat there in denial,

and then you realized that he wasn’t for you,

and my number you did but call,

I should have known better than to answer,

so fast I knew I would fall,

You cooked me dinner at your house,

my favorite dish was great,

we watched a movie I rented,

but I guess I was just cheap bait,

I watched you cry in my arms,

when you told me goodbye,

now I sit here and wonder,

if it was all just one big lie,

Why is that the nicest guys,

will always will finish last,

that no matter how well you are treated,

you go back to your past,

I would have given you the world,

if you had only said the words;

instead you went away from me,

flying like two love birds,

I sit here under candle light,

where you were suppose to be,

now I am but stronger,

the truth I clearly see,

Fear not I am a puzzle maker,

and I know you will be back,

I will put you back together again,

when you find out all he lacks,

You opened my door and cooked me dinner,

did all the things I never asked,

being with you was never second,

never was it a gruesome task,

so I write you this poem under candle light,

with Sinatra singing of tramps,

keep bright that place in my heart,

and for you ill carry this lamp,

Ill be your lighthouse on the windy sea,

there for you to find,

there must be something about you,

for through the hurt imp still blind,

For the moment you look at me with those eyes,

and smile at my face,

I can not help but run to you,

with no question and fierce hast…