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Lamb of World

Take off your persona little sheep, The world doesn’t need a new agenda, You think yourself different from me, That your way of life is perfectly splendid,

Miss you at night

I miss you most at night, When I lay awake alone in bed, Sleeping diagonal fills the space, But doesn’t grace the pillow with your head,

Tainted Love

Oh tainted love cast thy stone, Into the pits of my soggy soul, Thy water is but a broken rippled glass, Thy rock falls into the blackness of a hole,

Boyfriend is a bum

I cry these tears not for you, but all that will surely come, I know you will get hurt again; your boyfriend is such a bum,

Modern Centurion

God watch over me now, as my enemy fights from within, the faces of woman and children, he hides behind my fear of sin,

Military Boy

Everyday I wake up and put on the green, The uniform of a military man, I go to work and do my job, So the same you too can,

Poetry as Prayer

I walk the road slowly that day, taking in the scenery of trees and birds going by, my eyes concentrated first on the ground, then to the above sky,