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Howdy All!

Finally got a server up and running and chilling in the back server room here. I am going to upload some pics and such so keep your eyes peeled there. Also g...

Does the dog know?

I wonder if the dog knows, That the world is falling apart, His ears once graced two owners, Now we are down to just one heart,


Like the rookie night before the game, Unsure of the road ahead, In my uneasiness I pour, The thoughts out of my head,

Tired of Asking

I am tired of having to ask, Whether you will be here or not, You are my wife, I deserve better than that,

If your eye sins; remove

I would rip you from the sockets, If it meant the sin would leave, I would poke at you with bayonets, If it meant you’d leave me be,

Yellow Motorcycle

I jumped on my yellow motorcycle this morning for a ride to waste away some time. My favorite direction to go when riding is away…away from the city and cars...


Tightly gripped, Arms bulging as the muscles intertwine around you, Your own personal hiding place, The door that only you have to keys to,