Restrict Web Site access in IE6

Ensure that you have Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) installed.

  • Open IE and in the Help menu click About Internet Explorer.
  • Open IE’s Internet Options menu item under Tools.
  • Choose the Content tab and click on the Enable button.
  • Content_advisor_1.gif

  • Select filter settings for the categories shown: Language, Nudity, Sex, Violence. The further right you push the slider, the more content is allowed.
  • Content_advisor_2.gif

  • Click on the Approved Sites tab. Here you can type in any specific websites that you might want to be treated specially. You can come back and change this list later.
  • Content_advisor_3.gif

  • Navigate to the General tab, and click on Create Password. This will set you up as Administrator, and prevent other users from altering the Content Advisor settings.
  • Content_advisor_4.gif

  • Click OK until you’ve exited the wizard. Now you have enabled Content Advisor.