Upgrade 6.5.x to 6.5.22 Overlay (AKA Upgrade or Update)

It is very confusing when SGI named updates overlays. Think of overlays as service packs. Without a support contract you are able to grab 6.5.22 overlays. Since most of the HOWTOs call for using swmgr with the ISO images, they never made sense. Here is the howto for using the FTP overlays:

1. Upload the IRIX6.5.22_*.tar.gz to the SGI machine. I used FTP since it was enabled by default

2. gunzip IRIX6.5.22_1of3.tar.gz && gunzip IRIX6.5.22_2of3.tar.gz && gunzip IRIX6.5.22_3of3.tar.gz

3. tar xfv IRIX6.5.22_1of3.tar && tar xfv IRIX6.5.22_2of3.tar && tar xfv IRIX6.5.22_3of3.tar