Shutdown button Gnome and Solaris 10 +

Solaris is now moving to Linux-like options more and more. I was perplexed by the fact that Sun still assumed that no one would EVER use their software as a home desktop. I love the metality. Rather than offer an option in smc or Gnome Control Center to enable user shutdown, no just wrap it around in a sudo script. I suppose you could use RBAC (Role Based Access Control) which to me is just a glorified sudo, but to each their own. Leave it to Sun to “invent” something new and market the crap out of it. Anyways you found this page for the same problems I was having so here is the fix action. This will require you to drop dtlogin (no big loss there) and use GDM (finally use JDS or whatever they call it correctly) for login handlers. Most of this will be very familar for the Linux/*BSD geeks here but for Sun guys I am sorry, time to move along.

Remove dtlogin:

Login to a text only console session.

/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -d
svcadm enable -s gdm2-login
pkill dtlogin

Now enable user shutdown in gdm:

Edit /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf
Add SystemMenu=true
Add RestartCommand=/usr/sbin/init 6
Add HaltCommand=/usr/sbin/init 5

Reboot or restart gdm and there you go! Well sort of…It all depends on if GDM is reading the correct config or not. You may only get this option from within the GDM login under actions and not in GNOME. I hate sun…