Change Remedy or Etang Server Name


1.) In AR Admin change the server properties to match the new server name

2.) Change the settings in AR User to use the new preferred server

3.) Change the hostname in windows to match the settings specified in remedy

4.) Create a DNS record to point to the new server name if needed. Just make sure the server can resolve itself. If you are using LDAP/AD or such obviously this is a moot point.

5.) Reboot

6.) The services will fail

7.) Navigate to the ars512/Conf folder and look for a file called ar.cfg

8.) Open this up and you will notice that the bottom line specifies the correct etang server name. BUT, Remedy still hasn’t got rid of the old UNIX/Sybase underpinnings.

9.) Even if you are using MSSQL or Oracle you need to change the Sybase name to match the Remedy Server name.

10.) Restart the ARS Portmap and the Remedy Server services and login.

11.) Do a victory dance.

If you are migrating a server that has a ton of information in tables then you can of course issues the SQL console commands:

select distinct servername from field_enum;
select distinct tfserver from field_table;
select distinct server from char_menu_query;
select distinct server from char_menu_sql;
select distinct server from char_menu_dd;
select distinct servername from filter_call;
select distinct servername from actlink_call;
select distinct servername from actlink_open;
select distinct server from report;

This will spit you out any references to the old server name in the forms and such that you would need to change.

Update $table set $column = @ where $column = ‘bad server name’;