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Why I am a geek

I love nmap, one the greatest network security tools ever created. My favorite part of nmap is the hidden geek easter eggs. For example while I was compiling nmap on macosx (as all true men compile) I came across this as the make completed:

There is hope for us all…

Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, while in college. This is what he did on top of designing a great Operating System. There is hope for us all. I find it funny that if he had a myspace account back then it would have the standard drinking picture :)  

VMWare Server + Gutsy Gibbon = Houston its a-go

Just make sure to download the latest vmware-any-any patches to deal with the new 2.6.22 and all should be well: 

Jabber Mix Client 1.3 Beta

I am wanting to OTA because BlackBerry refuses to open up to Linux Machines. If you need to install JMC 1.3 to your blackberry/nokia OTA then use the links below: Jad File Jar File