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Skype and Katrina

I was posted on a skype forum. The night of the storm I was skyping with 2 people from up North. They posted to the skype forums and apparently someone from Skype PR wants my story. How weird. Still feels like yesterday I was on skype talking to them as the storm ragged outside.

‘All You Wanted to Know About T1′

I never even knew that T1 has been around since 1957! How depressing is that?! Here we are more than 40 years later and still we use T1 to describe a pretty speedy connection. Sheesh :) I still wish I could make my wife understand WHY I need an OC-12 to the computer room. God

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AJAX PHPMyAdmin Database Manager Alternative

I am a little confused. I really like the interface the program has for admin of mysql online. My issue is that it isn’t free. I think it would just be better for all of us to put our efforts to a OSS product like phpmyadmin rather than one we will never be able to

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