Category: Personal

Little Boy

I walked up to the door that night Knocked just once or twice Heard steps tapping on the wooden floor Smelt dinner simmering with herbs and spice So weird to be standing here My key doesn’t work here anymore Instead of walking inside to my wife I glare at the wooden door I can hear

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Black and White

With my eyes shut i see the world, The gray old man and the little girl, Color here is but a dream, You will never find yellow, silver, red or green, Black and white and old TV. show, The world here is simple things always grow, Death is a fallacy, a stretch of the mind,

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Old friends

if tomorrow the hospital picked up the phone, and told me your car was in a wreck, i would be there soon as the plane landed, no matter how big the check, i wouldnt want you to cry one tear, from your saddened painful eyes, without me there with you, vigilant by your side, sleep

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