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As a visionary, entrepreneurial executive, I have extensive expertise in leading lean, agile, high-performing teams that design, engineer and deliver cross-domain solutions. My expertise includes managing complex integration projects that maximize ROI while facilitating secure transfer of information. My multifaceted experience spans both military and corporate operations in North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East with global implications. As co-founder of Spec Ops Technology, a successful international business, we built a team that delivers high quality, cost-effective technology solutions for clients in diverse business sectors including aviation and technology. Now at Xalt Energy, I am leading a diverse and energetic group of technical engineers. We are putting in place the infrastructure and process needed to drive Xalt Energy's green business solutions. My background includes extensive training in Boundary Information Protection within the U.S. Air Force. I served as an accomplished Lead Engineer who managed an elite R&D business group within the Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) sector. I’ve been recognized as an astute manager who built, coached and led a dynamic team of professionals while simultaneously serving as Team Lead of a major inter-agency integration project with Wyle Labs. Specialties: Information Security, Network Management, Linux, UNIX, BSD, Operating Systems, Heterogeneous network integration, Information Warfare, software management, large scale network deployment, open source software, MacOS, QNX, project management, architecture lead, security software implementation, logging, security implementation guides, proposals, cyber, cyber warfare, Special Mission Aircraft (SMA), COMINT, IMINT, SIGINT, HUMINT, and installing UNIX on every device I can find

Microsoft in 2016: A review from a UNIX Geek

What happened? I was using a wonderful 4th Generation X1 Carbon that ran Linux like a top. My only issue was that, in taking on a new role, I needed Windows or Mac support with a CUDA capable GPU. Moving to a 15” MacBook Pro wasn’t an option due to the size/weight and my general

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OpenWRT and PIA

I use an OpenWRT travel router to deal with public WiFi access security and geolocation concerns. I have written extensively prior  and ran into an issue with the latest OpenWRT release. For those struggling with PIA using the luci-app-openvpn please see the below for a working config you can place in /etc/config/openvpn. Grab the new PIA Strong

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Ring Doorbell Security

The Ring Doorbell has been invaluable as we travel the world. The reactions of people are often times pretty funny as the doorbell they just pressed begins talking to them and asking them to do some action in our absence. Even over our very low-bandwidth WiMax link it is usable. The most annoying part of

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Apache and HTTP Headers with Underscores

Starting with Apache 2.4, headers were dropped that contained items to include underscores and expects dashes instead. Red Hat backported this change into the Apache 2.2 that ships with 6.7. You can read more here: If you run into the issue where your REMOTE_USER or similar is not being passed to your WSGI application or

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro Review

After the unfortunate loss of my 2014 Nexus 7 tablet I was on the prowl for a replacement. I prefer to keep an Android tablet due to the flexibility to use it as a mini Linux workstation if the need arises. The USB OTG support means the tablet is capable of taking on most of

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