Little Boy

I walked up to the door that night
Knocked just once or twice
Heard steps tapping on the wooden floor
Smelt dinner simmering with herbs and spice

So weird to be standing here
My key doesn’t work here anymore
Instead of walking inside to my wife
I glare at the wooden door

I can hear the steps come closer
They stop at the minute peep hole
Feel her gaze against my own
Ripping into my saddened soul

Through the door I hear the tears
Drop from her dark brown eyes
I pray that with each dropping one
She in some way forgets my lies

Click went the metal clasp
My heart skipped two beats
Slowly creaked open the door
I could only stand to look at my feet

We must had been in sync of mind
She was looking down as I looked up
Her coffee steamed in the air
As it spewed from the ceramic cup

I clamped on to my courage
And let out a steady sigh
She dropped her cup full of java
Panted a “just let me say goodbye”

Before she had the chance to close
I put my foot inside
Regretfully she backed away
As if her strength inside died

The hate in her eyes hurt
Hurt so bad to see no love
This situation was to much to handle
Thorns so sharp they cut leather gloves

I did only what I knew
Dropped to my knees and wept
Told her I missed her so
Since she left I hadn’t slept

In front of her standing there
I prayed to God above
That if he wasn’t to busy
Could he some how rebuild our love

She called me a dumb little boy
Told me to get off the floor
Said that her heart wasn’t broken
Just bruised and a little sore

I rose to my feet quickly
Embraced her in my loving arms
Told her id giver her all her dreams
The white house on the open farm

This night was’o so long ago
When we were both young at heart
Thank God I was man enough
To make sure this life did start

50 years later I hold her hand
as the Lord takes her away
never in my worst nightmares
did I ever see this day

in front of her laying there
I pleaded with God above
She said little boy get on your feet
You’ll forever have my love…